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Friday Infographic Fun: Bey Day

Ahh, I’m going to see Beyoncé at Vector Arena tonight! I’m beyond super excited for it. So to celebrate, here’s a fun Beyoncé infographic put together by The Guardian earlier this year.

Does Beyoncé seem to take herself a little too seriously sometimes? Yeah, but I guess if my name and image was a million dollar industry, I’d probably be a little serious too. I love the Guardian’s approach to this – it’s very tongue in cheek, very British.

Happy Bey Day!


Bonus image: a breakdown of the Single Ladies dance. I thought this was really clever, because it’s INSTANTLY recognisable, despite the fact there’s no text on the image at all. The directional lines are awesome, they really do bring movement to the static image. And in fabulous instructional design form, I can tell exactly what movement is required by the diagram. Bravo!

Infographic Source: The Guardian, Comatose Bunny via tumblr

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Friday Infographic: 14 Wild Ways People Soothe Their Sunburn

Infographic List is ‘for those who love infographics’, so it makes sense I follow them, right?

They put this beauty up the other day, and it couldn’t have come at a better time – the weather is getting warmer here, and I’ve been spending more of my weekend hours in the garden. I have the worst possible complexion for someone who lives in NZ, where we have little ozone protection from the sun. Seriously, on a summer day in NZ you get sunburnt in about five minutes. Skin cancers account for 80% of new cancers diagnosed each year, and we have one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world.

So, yeah. I have a pasty complexion with freckles to boot – not ideal for being out in the sun. I’m pretty good with my sun protection, but sometimes I’m not good enough. Would I use these methods to soothe sunburn? Not all of them, some are pretty out-there! But I DO highly recommend having a supply of aloe gel or cubes in the freezer; in my experience it takes the burn right out of the skin – even bad burns.

The idea of putting vinegar on a burn kind of scares me. Take a look at these weird and wacky solutions:

Infographic credit: via Infographic List

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My Own Personal Image Collection

I don’t consider myself very good at social media – I’m too verbose for Twitter, too informal for Facebook (I friended too many family members and now I think that anything funny I have to say will offend someone) and I don’t have the attention span for Pinterest.

I’m pretty good at Instagram though. I always enjoyed photography class at school, and getting an iPhone with a decent camera in it was pretty exciting. I’m still impressed by the quality of the photos I can take using my phone. It occurred to me a few weeks back that I’m starting to form a pretty great personal image collection too. I’ve developed the habit of trying to take a photo myself before trawling the internet for a free version too – especially for photos of surfaces, textures and the like, which are pretty easy to pull together right here at home.

Below are a few PowerPoint slides I pulled together* using some images from my phone. They’re pretty good, I think!

Eat Fresh



*I pulled these together using my imagination. I love Auckland parks but I have no idea how many people go to them compared to pre-2011, and I’m not fashionable, so don’t wear stuff because I said so. Really.

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Friday Fun With Infographics! Spring Is In Bloom


Flowers, Flowers, Flowers: a ‘How to Guide’ for Mom, Grandma and Wife

I was browsing the web for some info on the symbolism of flowers this week and this  infographic popped up in my search. I love the rustic, hand drawn detailing of this infographic – it’s very pretty. Happily, I found the information interesting too.

It’s no wonder I like hydrangeas – it turns out they have origins in Japan!

Have a great weekend, get outside and smell the flowers!

Image and Infographic Credit: daflores.com

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Friday Fun with Infographics!

‘Friday Fun with Infographics’ is something I just made up, so please forgive me if I don’t continue to post infographics on Fridays, or if I post infographics on other days of the week. I just like infographics, is all.

Sushi Infographic

I also love sushi and all things Japanese. I stumbled on this rad  ‘8 Things Worth Knowing About Sushi’ infographic, and felt compelled to share. I’m not ashamed to admit that I learned a thing or two about sushi etiquette from it as well, and will adjust my sushi eating accordingly.

Ten rolls

I’d also like to bestow an honourable mention to the Merry Makizushi infographic. this infographic is cute, brief and informative – three things an infographic absolutely should be. I now very badly want to possess a sushi wheel resource that I can refer to the next time I’m having difficulty choosing what to eat at Bian, Auckland’s bestest ever sushi and donburi restaurant (IMHO). I’ll possibly make one over the Christmas holiday.

Image credits: I Heart Coffee BeHance

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Science and Art created a beautiful love child

I’ve been reading The Where, the Why and the How over the last few weeks, and it’s just insanely good. It appeals to the kid in me that loves picture books, the nerd in me that loves science, and the designer in me that loves well compiled, beautiful things.

The basic premise of the book is that 75 artists illustrated 75 questions about science. Fair warning: all 75 questions are based around scientific mysteries, so if you don’t dig wonderment DO NOT PROCEED. My favourite question so far is ‘do rogue waves exist’ – it turns out they could, so now I’m officially afraid of the ocean.

AND THEN it got even better when I discovered a video trailer for the book! I’m nerding out big time over here.

Image credit: The 22 Magazine

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“We don’t grow into creativity… rather, we get educated out of it”

Ken Robinson – How Schools Kill Creativity | TED

This video has had millions upon millions of views, and you’ve probably seen it. That’s okay, I’ve seen it too. Heaps of times. I go back to for repeated viewings because I really believe this underpins the work that I do.

Instructional Design, to me, is like when my mum tricked me into eating more fibre by dissolving Weetbix into bolognese when I was a kid (pro-tip right there, folks). Instructional Design won’t be obvious when it’s done well. If the lesson or resource you’ve made is engaging and enjoyable for the learner, they won’t even realise they’re learning – which is key, especially for adults who, from past experience, believe learning can only be a torturous thing. EVERYONE is capable of learning at any age, but there’s plenty of adults out there who would disagree.

If you’re interested in education, especially of adults who have already been through the educational system, then you definitely need to see this.

PS: Haven’t heard of TED before? You need to put aside a few hours and get lost in their videos ASAP.

Image Credit: Presentation Zen

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X-Factor Stats = Infographic Win


I don’t know about you, but I became completely and totally obsessed with X Factor NZ. Well done Jackie, love you Benny, onya Whenua.

An excellent X Factor infographic came across my Twitter feed this past week, via the always entertaining Cate Owen. HURRAH to the people at Mediaworks Interactive for this, because it a) helped plug my need for X Factor related content in a post-ekfac world, and b) they’ve crammed a tonne of information into this infographic, but it doesn’t seem like it AT ALL.

See? Even dry content (as rad as X-Factor was, stats are stats) can be fun and engaging AND sell your product/message to your audience.

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