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Sociological theories and zeitgeist: will there be a new generation of silence?

I consider myself fortunate to have been born among the last wave of people who weren’t destined to be digital natives by default. If you’re interested in generational studies, or the discussion around them, this is a really interesting piece on the direction Generation Z (or Millennials) could well take as a group to create their own identity.


Friday Infographic: 120 Years of Women’s Suffrage in NZ

Suffrage Clip1

This week we’re celebrating Women’s Suffrage Week in NZ, and it’s a big anniversary – 120 years! That’s right, NZ were the first country in the world to give women the vote. Bravo!

To mark the occasion, Statistics NZ released this very awesome infographic.

Elizabeth_Yates,_New_ZealandI particularly enjoy the ‘Female Firsts’ part of the graphic, which says that the first NZ female mayor was appointed in 1893. This was Elizabeth Yates, mayor of Onehunga from 1893-1894 and the first woman mayor in the whole British Empire. By the end of her term she had succeeded in reducing the debt of the council, kept the streets and footpaths maintained and lobbied for the Onehunga Cemetery Bill.

Image Credit: Statistics NZ, Wikipedia

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Blended Learning Masterclass | Blended Learning Conference 2013


The 3rd Annual Blended Learning Conference is happening in Auckland at the end of October, and it looks like Liquid Learning have some really great people on the bill this year.

Among those really great people is Full Potential’s Managing Director, and my own personal Miyagi, Claire O’Toole. Claire will be running a masterclass on tailoring your blended learning approach to the needs of your learners – you can read more about her class here – you don’t want to miss out!

“We don’t grow into creativity… rather, we get educated out of it”

Ken Robinson – How Schools Kill Creativity | TED

This video has had millions upon millions of views, and you’ve probably seen it. That’s okay, I’ve seen it too. Heaps of times. I go back to for repeated viewings because I really believe this underpins the work that I do.

Instructional Design, to me, is like when my mum tricked me into eating more fibre by dissolving Weetbix into bolognese when I was a kid (pro-tip right there, folks). Instructional Design won’t be obvious when it’s done well. If the lesson or resource you’ve made is engaging and enjoyable for the learner, they won’t even realise they’re learning – which is key, especially for adults who, from past experience, believe learning can only be a torturous thing. EVERYONE is capable of learning at any age, but there’s plenty of adults out there who would disagree.

If you’re interested in education, especially of adults who have already been through the educational system, then you definitely need to see this.

PS: Haven’t heard of TED before? You need to put aside a few hours and get lost in their videos ASAP.

Image Credit: Presentation Zen

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