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Friday Fun with Infographics: Whedonverse Edition


Now, I’ve seen some pretty intense Whedonverse infographics in my time… there’s a lot of crossover in Joss’ work, and you can make a whole bunch of connections on different levels if you’re so inclined. Seriously, people study his work at university because it’s so impressively involved and intertwined.

Anywho, I quite fancy this basic infographic which shows how Whedon likes to reuse actors across different shows and films.

There’s a couple of really great instructional design techniques that I think are worth pointing out:

  • MIND MAP LAYOUT: the mind map style of this infographic makes it really engaging to look at, but it also makes the information contained in it look really accessible to the reader. Thumbs up.
  • USE OF KEY: I’m always appreciative of a good map key. This one is super straight forward, and therefore effective. Each film/show is represented by a colour, and the colour used to outline the character picture corresponds. Really straightforward, gets the point across, and doesn’t really ‘interfere’ with the information. It’s just sitting there in a really convenient way.

I’m not so sure about the illustration of Joss used as the central image… it’s a great illustration, but I find it weird having the ‘master’ of the work portrayed in character, while all the other images used are photos. Maybe they could have just used a photo of Joss for design consistency?

Click on the image to see the infographic in full. Have a great weekend, y’all!

Infographic Source:

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Another Friday Infographic: Superhero Life Expectancies

Spidey Years

This Superhero Life Expectancies infographic by Design Infographics is simple and really easy to follow – it’s also pretty funny. I happen to agree with all their predictions too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Lost In Translation… Where There Is No Translation


This post of ’11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures’ from Maptia Blog first appeared in my Twitter feed a few weeks back, and I just think it is wonderful. It really got me thinking about the relationship between words and their meanings – I think this piece actually celebrates the idea that feelings can transcend the most base elements of language. A feeling is more than ‘happy’ or ‘sad’, for instance. Rather, it might be Waldeinsamkeit!

You might be familiar with some common (and mostly German) words similar to these ones – zeitgeist, schadenfreude and the like – but there are many untranslatable words in many languages. Maptia did us a solid and put together 11 of the sweetest untranslatable words and illustrated them for us. If you’re looking for something to smile about today, make this it.

Image Credit: Maptia Blog

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Friday Fun With Infographics! Spring Is In Bloom


Flowers, Flowers, Flowers: a ‘How to Guide’ for Mom, Grandma and Wife

I was browsing the web for some info on the symbolism of flowers this week and this  infographic popped up in my search. I love the rustic, hand drawn detailing of this infographic – it’s very pretty. Happily, I found the information interesting too.

It’s no wonder I like hydrangeas – it turns out they have origins in Japan!

Have a great weekend, get outside and smell the flowers!

Image and Infographic Credit:

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Today’s Find: Minimal Posters


Minimal Posters – Five Great Mathematicians and Their Contributions

I stumbled upon this beautiful collection of posters by Hydrogene earlier today, they’re simply stunning.

I’m really quite useless with numbers and confused by math, but I recognised all the names on the posters, and the images too – but I wouldn’t have put the names and images together independently. I suspect a lot of other people are the same.

This is a great example minimalist design – it contains only essential information, and the idea is simple but striking in it’s simplicity. And I LEARNED something from it, or rather it compounded a learning from my school days. This is a beautiful all-rounder!

I recommend taking a peek at their whole portfolio, there’s some amazing work in there.

Image Credit: Hydrogene

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Friday Fun with Infographics!

‘Friday Fun with Infographics’ is something I just made up, so please forgive me if I don’t continue to post infographics on Fridays, or if I post infographics on other days of the week. I just like infographics, is all.

Sushi Infographic

I also love sushi and all things Japanese. I stumbled on this rad  ‘8 Things Worth Knowing About Sushi’ infographic, and felt compelled to share. I’m not ashamed to admit that I learned a thing or two about sushi etiquette from it as well, and will adjust my sushi eating accordingly.

Ten rolls

I’d also like to bestow an honourable mention to the Merry Makizushi infographic. this infographic is cute, brief and informative – three things an infographic absolutely should be. I now very badly want to possess a sushi wheel resource that I can refer to the next time I’m having difficulty choosing what to eat at Bian, Auckland’s bestest ever sushi and donburi restaurant (IMHO). I’ll possibly make one over the Christmas holiday.

Image credits: I Heart Coffee BeHance

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Science and Art created a beautiful love child

I’ve been reading The Where, the Why and the How over the last few weeks, and it’s just insanely good. It appeals to the kid in me that loves picture books, the nerd in me that loves science, and the designer in me that loves well compiled, beautiful things.

The basic premise of the book is that 75 artists illustrated 75 questions about science. Fair warning: all 75 questions are based around scientific mysteries, so if you don’t dig wonderment DO NOT PROCEED. My favourite question so far is ‘do rogue waves exist’ – it turns out they could, so now I’m officially afraid of the ocean.

AND THEN it got even better when I discovered a video trailer for the book! I’m nerding out big time over here.

Image credit: The 22 Magazine

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