The case for Powerpoint

Part One Access

The majority of my (non-eLearning) work is created in Microsoft Office programmes,  Powerpoint in particular. I love Powerpoint. I really do. But it has a really bad rep after years of abuse. Everyone has a ‘death by PowerPoint’ story to tell, and it breaks my heart. So I’m going to start posting reasons why PowerPoint is rad… when in the right hands, and if you know what to do with it.


Pretty much everyone in an office setting has access to Microsoft’s suite of programmes. I can’t deny that Creative Suite is far more advanced for design work, but that’s not to say that PowerPoint is of no worth. In fact, PowerPoint has really leveled up in the last couple years, especially for image and photo editing purposes. I like being able to provide clients with a working file they can update and make use of. This is why access is so important to me. I don’t think a client should have to shell out for software licences and upskilling courses in order to make minor updates to resources. I’d rather they shell out for my services on future projects, rather than on the upkeep of a resource I’ve already developed for them.

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